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Monitoring Standing Committee (MSC)

Terms of Reference

Section 8 of the Programs of Study Regulation (AR 91/2009) gives Council the responsibility to ensure compliance with Council's standards and conditions once a degree program has been approved.  This is a responsibility complementary to Council's role in assessing the quality of all new degree program applications referred to it by the Minister.

In performing its monitoring role, the Campus Alberta Quality Council subscribes to any principles that it may adopt to inform its oversight of degree programs offered by institutions in Campus Alberta.  Monitoring is undertaken in order to ensure that the degree programs offered to learners and the providers of those degree programs continue to meet Council's conditions and standards of organizational and program quality.  In addition to degree programs approved on the recommendation of CAQC, Council's monitoring role extends to degree programs approved by the former Private Colleges Accreditation Board (PCAB) and to other approved degree programs referred to it by the Minister.

The Monitoring Standing Committee exists as a standing committee of the Campus Alberta Quality Council until such time as Council may decide by formal motion to dissolve it.  Council has delegated to this Committee the following specific tasks:

  • to consider the adequacy of institutional responses to conditions and expectations set by Council regarding any degree program that has been approved upon its recommendation;
  • on behalf of Council to provide feedback to institutions on their annual reports;
  • to decide, on behalf of Council, the disposition of information provided by institutions about changes to their approved programs (such as regards to curriculum, faculty or delivery);
  • to report in writing to the full Council at each meeting following  any evaluative work it does or any decision/recommendation it has made in its discharge of its monitoring role;
  • to recommend to Council that it make a negative ruling about a matter it has considered in the course of discharging its delegated responsibility.

The Monitoring Standing Committee is comprised of Council's Chair or delegate and, normally, two Council members.

Added April 2011