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Proposal Review Standing Committee (PRSC)

Terms of Reference

In keeping with its commitment to being expeditious, Council's Proposal Review Standing Committee, a standing committee of Council, acts on behalf of the full Council according to the following terms of reference: 

The Proposal Review Standing Committee

  • exists as a standing committee of the Campus Alberta Quality Council until such time as Council may decide by formal motion to dissolve it;
  • is comprised of Council's Chair and, normally, three Council members;
  • reviews all requests for partially or fully expedited reviews, in accordance with Council's policies and criteria;
  • conducts a desk review of all proposals granted a fully expedited review;
  • may make a positive recommendation to the Minister on behalf of the full Council.  Negative recommendations to the Minister can only be made by the full Council;
  • reports in writing to the full Council at each meeting following  any evaluative work it does or any recommendation it has made;
  • reviews any other issue that Council, or Council's Chair and Secretariat, decide to refer to it for advice.  Council members will be given the opportunity to comment before acting on PRSC's advice/decision.

Revised: 3 July 2009