Updated: Friday, October 07, 2011

June 2011

CAQC Handbook updates

A number of changes/additions have been incorporated into the CAQC Handbook that is posted on the website.  In addition to editorial changes, the following changes are of significance:

  • Modified Operating Principle 9 and added a new principle 15 (Chapter 1.2.2).
  • Added a new section to reflect Council's decision to add a second standing committee, the Monitoring Standing Committee (Chapter 1.2.5).
  • Revised the section and title of Additional Quality Assessment Standards for Programs Delivered in Blended, Distributed or Distance Modes (Chapter 4.5) as a result of a full review of the standards. Subsequent references were added to 4.3.1 and 4.4.
  • Added a new preamble and monitoring principles to the beginning of Chapter 5 (Chapter 5.1).
  • Added 10 new definitions to the Glossary as a result of Council's review of its Additional Quality Assessment Standards for Programs Delivered in Blended, Distributed or Distance Modes.

September 2010 

Meeting Dates

Council has adopted the following dates for future meetings: 9-10 December 2010, 15-16 February 2011, 28-29 April 2011 (if needed), 15-16 June 2011, and 21-22 September 2011.

New Members

Following the completion of the terms of Dr. Bob Lockwood, Dr. Peter Meekison, Dr. Cliff Soper and Dr. Mo Watanabe, the Minister of Advanced Education and Technology has appointed Dr. Judy Eifert, Dr. Jane O'Dea, Dr. John Waterhouse and Dr. Robert Woodrow as Council's newest members, effective July 1, 2010.  A brief biography of each member is available on this web site under Council Membership

Annual Report

Council's sixth Annual Report for the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 is now available on Council's web site under Publications

Code of Conduct / Member Competencies / Position Descriptions / Recruitment Process

As part of the public disclosure requirements stemming from the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act, Council has posted its Code of Conduct, member competencies, chair and member position descriptions, and the member recruitment and appointment process on its website under About the Council.